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Osteoporosis and Sciatica for Fitness Professionals

Cherry Baker has been working in the field of fitness for more than 37 years. For the past 20 of these years, she has worked in rehabilitation, getting clients moving again. Cherry hopes to share her experiences from a fitness professional’s point of view. Many clients can’t afford one-to-one or to continue with physiotherapy once they start to recover, so this workshop will be useful, not only for one-to-one clients but in class situations when you can adapt or modify moves to suit a client’s recovery.

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Sciatica: Symptom or condition?
Sciatica is a symptom, not a condition. So what is sciatica and what are the common conditions that cause these symptoms? How can we as fitness professionals help to reduce symptoms and aid recovery back to normal exercise? We are not health professionals (unless, of course, you are). We do not diagnose any condition, nor do we work with clients in an acute phase or while their symptoms are increasing. Instead, we are the go-to people when the client has been diagnosed by a medical professional and is on their way to recovery. There is so much more to the whole process of recovery after having symptoms of sciatica: posture; muscle balance; fascia; the list can go on. We as fitness professionals will be looking at general exercise prescription for certain conditions that may cause sciatica – getting people moving and functional again, and hopefully reducing the risk of recurrence.
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Osteoporosis and Pilates
This introductory course has everything a Pilates teacher or fitness professional needs to know about Osteoporosis. The majority of us already have osteoporotic clients in our regular sessions – so this training is how to recognise their issues and adapt appropriately for them in a mixed group setting. You will learn in over 4 hours of lectures with Cherry Baker who gives you the most up to date research in an easily digestible fashion.
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Pilates - Online Event with Cherry Baker
3 Pilates workshops SpineSafe Pilates If you teach Pilates, you will attract clients with various spinal conditions. We will cover Pilates exercises and adaptations for stenosis, spondylolisthesis, disc bulge and osteoporosis. Develop teaching skills to layer your instructions to adapt for various conditions whilst creating inclusion. Creating confidence and reducing fear of movement in your Pilates class. Pregnancy Adaptations So, you’re teaching a Pilates class and a client tells you they are pregnant, do you know how to adapt exercises whilst keeping your non-pregnant clients happy and challenged? This session will provide ideas and cover safety concerns to allow you to effectively adapt your session for a pregnant client in your mainstream Pilates class. If you are a Pilates teacher, you may teach many female clients therefore some of them are going to get pregnant and may want to continue in your session! You may not want to teach specific pregnancy classes but want to be able to give safe alternatives to your pregnant client, this class will help you to develop your skills and knowledge to provide relevant adaptations. Dining Chair Pilates Dining Chair Pilates – add an additional challenge for your Pilates classes both face to face and ideal for your online classes. please note this is not a traditional chair-based class for physically challenged, it is for your mainstream participant. Do you teach online classes? Do you teach in a studio with chairs available? This session can add effective variations on your traditional mat-based Pilates class. A whole new class to add variety and effectiveness to your Pilates repertoire. If your tired of teaching same thing this is an inspiring class and can provide you with adaptations for when clients can’t get up and down to the floor. The class will provide adaptations for the common issues that arrive in our Pilates class such as hip replacements, back issues, and osteoporosis. The class will provide both standing and seated exercise using the dining chair.

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