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Parents Exercising Pushing Babies in Buggies

Mother/Toddler Singing Group

Children's Exercise

Children's Softball

Children's Kick Boxing (Non-contact)

Face Painting & Transfer Instruction

Children's Athletics

Junior Gymnastics

Parent and Baby/Toddlers Classes ( 0-5 Years)

Coaching Weightlifting to Youth Athletes (Aged 15+)

Life Skills Workshops to School Children

Summer Camp

Family Boxercise

Aquatic Fitness for Children and Special Needs Participants Aged 11 years+

Children's Aerial Fitness and Yoga (Age 8+ years)


Anti-Gravity Yoga

Specialist Populations

Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates

Jump Fitness

Cardio-vascular Testing

Boot Camp Plus

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Tractor Tyre (up to 30 kg)

Guided Relaxation / Visual Sessions

Biomechanical Coaching

Olympic Lifting

Lifestyle / Management

Stress Management Counselling

Voice Training Instruction

Management Consultancy

Lifestyle Coaching & Pre Retirement

Public Speaking Wellbeing Workshops

Sports Activities

Roller Blade Tuition

New Age Kurling Instruction

Running Classes Activity

Swimming Instruction

Other Activities

Teacher Training

Kinetic Chain Assessment

Quantitative heel ultrasound

Indian Head Massage

Thai Hand and Foot Massage