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Tabata™ is proud to announce its new partnership with the Indoor Cycling Group (ICG®) for the release of the first ever Tabata cycle workout, powered by ICG and launching this month.

The Tabata Cycle is a 20-minute exercise regime and extension of the famous four-minute Tabata protocol. During each session, the individual’s muscles are warmed up ready for a four-minute burst of cycling. This short exercise burst is said to push the participants to their absolute maximum.

Helen Parker, executive vice president of acquisitions at NBCUniversal, comments,

“We are thrilled to be launching the next evolution of our Tabata programme in partnership with ICG.”

She added,

“This will enable participants to experience the benefits of our group exercise classes, not only with the bodyweight format but now in a cycle class which takes us back to our roots of how the Tabata protocol was born, tested and proven in the lab.”

This development of Tabata was aided in 2013, when Universal Pictures acquired the rights to Tabata to develop group exercise classes and training sessions from the Tabata protocol.

The Tabata Cycle is said to represent the dramatic shift from manufacturing and education to programming and seeks to deliver on fulfilling all of the demands that consumers are now faced with – for example, the reduced amount of time spent in the gym.

Finally, for those operators wishing to seek the ultimate bike for Tabata, say hello to the IC7 Indoor Cycle, featuring WattRate® and its Coach By Color® power programme.

Check your club’s timetable to discover your ultimate club experience.