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A leader in forward-thinking fitness, Physical Company is delivering a range of highly energetic sessions for visitors at this year’s FitPro LIVE. UK master trainer Kelly Edwards will present two high-intensity classes – 3D XTREMETM and BOSU® On The Minute – to give PTs hundreds of new ways to use BOSU while getting their hearts racing. Kelly is joined by certified strength coach Jeremy Boyd, who will deliver two Triplex Untamed sessions. His integrated functional training session combines three of the best pieces of equipment in the Physical Company toolbox: RMT® Clubs, The Surge® and freeFORM Boards.


BOSU 3D XTREME is an exciting new group fitness class created by titans of the international group scene: Jay Blahnik, Douglas Brooks, Candice Brooks, Julz Arney, Keli Roberts and Greg Sellar. The 50-minute high-intensity workout combines functional training with explosive calorie-blasting cardio and interactive team challenges to provide XTREME results.

Why create a class using the BOSU Balance Trainer?

The BOSU Balance Trainer was introduced to the UK market in 2004 and it’s since become an essential piece of kit for fitness facilities everywhere. BOSU is an extremely versatile, hardworking piece of equipment that can be used to perform hundreds of exercises. The unstable base offered by either the dome or the platform engages extra stabiliser and core muscles in all movements, from lunges to crunches to press-ups. In addition, BOSU can be easily integrated with many other pieces of functional equipment, including dumbbells, medicine balls and ViPR.

What is triplex training?

A BOSU 3D XTREME class is built around triplex training. Triplex training fuses cardio, conditioning and core to achieve a lean and strong physique. Each class is set up in three lanes or teams. Each team is then assigned a cardio, core or conditioning exercise which, when put together, form a triplex. Participants move around the triplex in their team to complete a set at each station. Round one (Practice) is 50 seconds, round two (Push it) is 40 seconds and round three (Crush it) is just 30 seconds but, as the time comes down, the intensity goes up!

On the stand

Physical Company will not add VAT to any orders taken at FitPro LIVE and will discount 30% off the trade price on all used equipment purchased after the sessions on Friday 10 July. In addition, Physical Company is inviting visitors to take part in a pull-up challenge for the chance to win £100 worth of Physical Company vouchers. Competitors will have 60 seconds to do as many pull-ups as they can and the winner at the end of the show will receive the voucher. Last year’s record stood at 58 pull-ups for men and 44 for women, so a bit of sneaky practise ahead of FitPro LIVE wouldn’t go amiss before you take the challenge on stand 84!

Places are limited for the classes, so ensure you don’t miss out by visiting


 Check out the BOSU in action here!