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A new Online Education Platform has been launched by FitPro that offers fitness professionals a wide range of high-quality courses they can access any time, anywhere – from the gym space, to the comfort of their own home, or while on the move – as the innovative platform works on mobile devices.

Fitness professionals looking to boost their CV and add to their skill set can use the FitPro Online Education Platform to access CPD/CECs that will enhance their industry knowledge. Choose from a huge range of topics – from group training, nutrition, lifestyle and mental health, to PT business, strength and conditioning, women’s health and special populations. These innovative courses include: Parkinson’s disease and active ageing. Three new courses will be released before the end of September 2018, with more courses being added on a roll-out basis. You don’t even have to be a FitPro member to benefit from the education, although FitPro does offer great discounted prices to its members.

In response to the new developments, FitPro’s director, Jane Waller, says: “For almost 30 years, FitPro’s products and services have supported fitness professionals to help give them the professional edge. Our members requested the online education and we have responded by collaborating with some of the industry’s best to deliver an outstanding online educational portfolio.”

The FitPro Online Education Platform is backed by CIMSPA and, in order to remain on the CIMSPA register of fitness professionals, you must gain a minimum of 10 CPD points (5 endorsed points, the rest can be developmental points) over the course of a year – all possible through the FitPro Online Education Platform. Adding to your CPD ensures you are competent within your chosen fitness profession and gives you the credibility – and the knowledge – to confidently take your career to the next level.

Joe Warner, editorial director of Men’s Fitness magazine, says: “I’ve been lucky enough to interview and get to know some of the most respected personal trainers, coaches and fitness professionals on the planet. One thing every single one of these world-leading experts has in common – they have an insatiable appetite to never stop learning so they can keep improving. If you’re serious about becoming a better trainer, there’s no better place than FitPro to take your knowledge and expertise to the next level.”

The platform has already had a great response from personal trainers in the UK. Winner of Personal Trainer of the Year, Holly Lynch, said, “Hardworking PTs are well aware that time is of the essence, and the fact that the FitPro courses are online is just amazing. I recently did the ‘Food for thought: eating and exercise for mental health’ and used the understanding from it with my clients the same day. The FitPro Online Education Platform ensures personal trainers remain relevant in an ever-changing industry.”

For more information on the FitPro Online Education Platform, please visit:  or call FitPro directly at: +44 (0)20 8586 0101  

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