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Technogym, a world-leading company in wellness and fitness, hosted the top five winning centres of the Let’s Move for a Better World campaign at the new Technogym showrooms last week, to celebrate the fantastic achievements of all involved in getting their local communities more active.

Consistent with the company’s approach to corporate social responsibility and promoting wellness as a social opportunity, Technogym launched a new edition of its Let’s Move for a Better World challenge back in March. The purpose of the campaign was to get local communities active and to promote wellness education in local schools. In order to become one of the winners, centres took to the challenge of collecting MOVEs – Technogym’s movement unit of measure – and were asked to share their training with the online community as part of a global digital challenge tracked via the mywellness cloud platform.

A great opportunity

Let’s Move for a Better World represents a great opportunity for clubs to attract new members, thanks to both the initiative’s communication campaign through web and social media, and the viral effect created by existing members sharing their training sessions online. Let’s Move for a Better World proves a unique and powerful tool to build member loyalty, motivation and footfall through its competitive mechanics. By placing the spotlight on a club’s local community, it creates a positive team spirit that brings people together towards a common objective.

Campaign results

The worldwide campaign has generated more than 100 Million MOVEs in 180 worldwide facilities, with 10 nations taking part. In the UK, 59 centres took part in the competition, with the winning site achieving 2,928,680 MOVEs by the time the competition closed. For the latest stats, click here

The below five centres attended the showroom last week and won the chance to donate a Technogym training circuit to a school in their local community. The centres took the lead in the innovative social campaign to ‘donate’ physical exercise and fight childhood obesity.

1st Place – Crow Wood Leisure

2nd Place – The Dolphin Centre

3rd Place – Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre

4th Place – Holywell Fitness Centre

5th Place – The Leisuredrome

Let’s Move for a Better World is the result of Technogym’s 30-year-long commitment to improving wellness around the world. The campaign offers an opportunity to build a more sustainable society based on personal health, and educating the younger generation is the crucial starting point towards reaching one common goal. Visit for more information.