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FitPro is thrilled that our very own FitPro LIVE regular speaker Jayne Nicholls was awarded the Industry Recognition Award at the International Fitness Showcase (IFS) in Blackpool on 20-22 March 2015. 

The Industry Recognition Awards evolved from a need to identify and celebrate dedicated contribution, innovation and those pushing the boundaries of excellence in fitness, and are dedicated to furthering excellence and continuing professional development.

This year, the top award was given to Jayne Nicholls, founder of Group X Training (GXT), for her outstanding contribution to the fitness industry. Upon receiving the award, Nicholls said, “I’m elated to have won this award. Even after all this time, it’s great to receive recognition and praise from my peers within the industry.”

GXT offers qualified instructors educational opportunities in order for them to ‘be the best that they can be’ and provide an authentic, sustainable business in fitness and yoga. GXT also provides qualifications for anyone wanting to enter the fitness and yoga industry, with events to keep them ahead of the field.

Professional integrity

As a mentor, Jayne has professional integrity and has shown true resilience, enabling her to lead any instructor to the top of their game. You can meet Jayne at FitPro LIVE this year; don’t miss her presenting her Freestyle Fitness (FF) Yoga flow session. FF Yoga is designed with you in mind – a powerful programme of strength, endurance and flexibility, fusing traditional yoga with contemporary fitness principles to release the modern yogi. Yoga enables equilibrium in body and mind, and FF Yoga champions your skills and understands your limitations. Achieve personal peace and perfection through FF Yoga.

Three reasons from Jayne

Why should you go to FitPro LIVE?

  • “Firstly, the presenter line-up is global, diverse and the information that you receive can be relied upon. From the US, you have Ian O’Dwyer, Rodney Corn and Annette Lang, names that you will see on the IDEA timetable, year in year out, as the most credible contributors on human movement, client interaction and meeting your potential as a trainer. Plus Phil Richards, one of the most direct-speaking, no-nonsense experts on nutrition and health, as well as faces and classes that you may never have seen before with Aimee Nicotera, Douglas Heel and Steven Hughes Landers.
  • “The second is that FitPro manages to combine PT, nutrition and group into one event. You can step into and out of your comfort zone on an hourly basis, with the emphasis always being on what you don’t know rather than what you do every day.
  • “Finally, to tie it all up, you can always expect the unexpected. The event is held at ExCeL, a wonderful venue to navigate and see everything, with a huge trade show with exhibitors from all areas of our industry. I have been every year for 24 years and leave every time with fire inside me.”

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We can’t wait to see you at FitPro LIVE to celebrate an incredible 25 years for FitPro, leading from the front in fitness professionalism. Will you join us at the event in July?

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