Breaking down the bent-over row

Bent over row

In this edition of Exercise Explored Aaron looks in depth at the bent-over row, what it is, why it is so important for life or sport. Today we break the boundaries of the bent-over row to meet the needs of any client or member.

This video will explore:
– What the bent-over row is
– How to manipulate the squat to maximise client potential
– Variations of the bent-over row that will inspire a lifetime of progression for the client

Trainer Bio

Aaron Barnett is homegrown at FitPro. He has been a member of the FitPro family from the start in his role as national coach for ViPR Group Fitness and the MOSSA ViPR workout. Since then, Aaron has kept at the forefront of development by becoming national trainer manager for the FitPro trainer team and also ViPR education manager.

Aaron feels most alive when presenting and sharing his passion for performance coaching. As part of his commitment to remaining at the forefront of functional training, he is proud to have recently completed the Gray Institute GIFT programme, becoming a Fellow of Applied Functional Science.

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  1. Tina Baker

    24 October

    Fab form. Clear brilliant demos. Great variations. Thanks!

  2. rebecca nicks

    24 October

    really enjoyed this tutorial – as another comment suggested, brilliant clear demos; fantastic form and so much information that has given me renewed inspiration. Thanks Aaron for such an informative footage.

  3. caroline hewison

    25 October

    Excellent. Very well presented. I find Aaron’s creativity and clear, simple explanations very useful.

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