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FitPro is launching TRIBE Team Training, a new small group personal training concept, in the UK.

TRIBE defined

TRIBE Team Training represents an opportunity for owners and operators of health and fitness clubs to bridge the lucrative gap between group exercise programmes in the studio and those undertaken with personal trainers in the gym. The first of its kind in the UK, the concept provides gyms with a chargeable continuous service that actively improves exercise adherence among members by encouraging them to block-book sessions, while offering the club a direct return on their investment. This effective revenue stream for clubs and centres aims to deliver the motivation, care, sense of community and results to effectively retain existing members, as well as bring in new customers.

The concept, which was developed by team training specialists TRIBE, brings together groups of seven to 10 participants.

There are three key programmes:

  • TribeFIT™


… a high-intensity functional fitness workout

  •  TribeCORE™


… an abdominal workout focused on toning, strength, stability and power

  • TribeLIFE™


… a low-impact workout that improves total-body strength, fitness and toning

In addition, two other programmes are also available:

  • TribePUNCH™


… a powerful boxing and kickboxing workout focused on fitness, skill and mental toughness

  • TribeKIDS™


… a fun, dynamic class that improves strength and co-ordination to create fit, healthy and confident kids

TRIBE features

Providing a blend of high and moderate intensities, and high and low impact, as well as dynamic and functional content, the 50-minute programmes have been designed to suit a broad spectrum of ages and abilities.

Check out this video from TRIBE Team Training here:
Which one will you get involved with?

TRIBE Team Training™ from tribeteamtraining on Vimeo.

TRIBE’s programmes feature a world-class training system to ensure that coaches lead, inspire and care for members to the highest standard. New releases every seven weeks keep the programmes fresh to ensure that participants stay motivated. They also mean that TRIBE trainers are constantly at the cutting edge of fitness development and education and are armed with the information and skills to deliver a highly effective programme. The coach training includes a rigorous two-day certification course plus assessment via a DVD 12 weeks after training has completed.

Brent Hallo, FitPro founder and chairman, commented, “The aim is not only to deliver great client results but also to provide a stand-alone profit centre for clubs, enhancing revenue. The diversity and quality of TRIBE’s workouts will make them a no-brainer for any club looking to expand both their offering to existing members and their membership base, while enhancing hitherto untapped revenue streams.”

The programmes come complete with fully supported marketing resources, including posters, brochures, banners, videos and logos, alongside the latest season releases.

You can check out TRIBE in action via the below video. If you’re interested in TRIBE, you can contact FitPro: 


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