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With an ever-increasing ageing population, 43-year-old single mother Lisa Moore decided to create a session targeted at active women aged 60+ who want a social, fun and supportive programme that helps them to feel fit and young again.

Corporate to gym floor

And then you hit the wall. The prospect of returning to the grey, suited world of corporate after having children didn’t fill Lisa Moore with an overwhelming sense of excitement and securing full-time childcare was simply “not an option”. After giving birth to her eldest in 2005, single mother Moore had a decision to make. So, after mulling over the options that lay before her, it’s no surprise that doing something she absolutely loved came out on top. The result of following a new path meant that, after retraining as a personal trainer with Premier Global Training.  Moore opened her own business, which made its mark in Haywards Heath, West Sussex and, with 20 years of fitness training under her belt, clients keep coming back for more.

Fit for Moore fitness studio benefits from a range of offerings. The studio itself offers one-to-one training and small group personal training, plus a range of classes, including Metabolic Effect, circuits and that game-changer – her 60+ classes. Hundreds of clients flock to the studio for their fitness fix and Moore now employs four members of staff.

Moore commented on her transition: “Leaving the corporate world and setting up Fit for Moore ( was the best decision I ever made. I love working with people and helping them to achieve their fitness goals and ambitions – the job satisfaction is fantastic! Changing my career to do something that I love has been great from a business perspective and has allowed me to combine work with childcare, which has been excellent.”

60+ cardio session snippet


Lisa Moore’s 60+ session

Moore’s classes are small (maximum of nine women) so sessions can be tailored to suit the individuals. A default exercise is always given if they are struggling and harder and/or easier options can be given when necessary. Moore says, “We usually have 60s or 70s music, which they love to sing along to, and some 80s are quite popular.”

 A typical 60+ cardio session would feature the following exercises:


  • Jumping jack or half jack
  • High knees or slow step-ups
  • Press-up on floor or wall press
  • Jogging or marching
  • Fast uppercuts
  • Side leg raise left
  • Side leg raise right
  • Overhead press with DB
  • Boxer’s side-to-side punch left
  • Boxer’s side-to-side punch right

Rest 2mins and repeat three times

Strength workout plan 60+


Moore’s 60+ strength workout plan may look like this:


  • Squats x 10 holding weights
  • Lunges x 10 holding weights
Rest 1min and repeat


  • Standing bicep curl x 10
  • Triceps extension x 10
  • Overhead press x 10
  • Lateral raise x 10
  • Frontal raise x 10, rest 2mins, then repeat without weights, then rest 1min and repeat with weights again


Mat work
  • Side leg raise, top leg then lower leg x 10 each
  • Repeat other side
  • Hip lift x 10

Both of these sessions are followed by stretching – this is particularly important when working with older populations to improve joint mobility and reduce the risk of injury.

Lisa Moore’s 60+ session

The importance


There are over 22.7 million people aged 50 years and above in the UK and more aged 60 and above than there are aged under 18. This ageing society of ours is expected to grow, with those over the age of 60 (currently at 23%) predicted to increase to 29% in 2034 and 31% in 2058. Significantly, it’s predicted that, by 2086, one in three people will be over 60.


For further insight into what classes are on offer for this fitness demographic, download the FitPro app and read Katherine Selby’s article Improving with Age from Fitpro magazine’s spring 2015 edition. Selby also taps into what is required of a fit pro to successfully service this fitness market and the complexities of illness and session structure. Download the app now