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Do you want to try an alternative dance class? Are you seeking  a primal movement-based experience?  Read on to discover what Aimee Nicotera will present at LIVE 2015 and what ‘cardio rhythms’ is really all about …

Get tribal

There’s a wide variety of dance-based classes available to fitness enthusiasts so, to stand out from the crowd, choosing to present a class that offers something a little bit different is going to help you get noticed. Cardio rhythms could be just the class to step up your game and attract new participants, from beginners to those more advanced.

Cardio rhythms is a unique blend of tribal dance, athletic movement and music. Designed with the intention of creating a raw, primal, movement-based experience, this class is set to drumming music to drive you to unleash your natural rhythm and discover your flow. Cardio rhythms incorporates simple movement patterns that are appropriate for a wide variety of fitness levels and are extremely easy to follow. There’s no equipment needed for this class, but an open mind, a willing spirit and a desire to move are essential!

Since the class is set to instrumental drumming music, the overall feeling and energy is primal and raw. In addition, while the movements are easy to follow and well cued, the emphasis is not on getting every movement or step correct, but on moving rhythmically. Participants need no prior dance experience to feel successful in cardio rhythms.

The class provides a great opportunity to sweat and experience a fantastic cardiovascular challenge. Two or three options are given for each movement pattern during the class, so that the new exerciser and the advanced exerciser are both challenged appropriately. Movements include using both the upper body and lower body to maximise the caloric expenditure. Tribal-inspired dance movements are uniquely combined with more traditional athletic drills, resulting in a variety of movement patterns and a wide mix of rhythms. Unlike many other dance formats, you never stop moving in cardio rhythms. Each movement and combination flows seamlessly into the next.


Get booked!

So, join Aimee for cardio rhythms at FitPro LIVE. Discover your rhythm and find your flow, as you tap into your primal side!

Aimee will also present 2 X 2 Conditioning, an intense cardio conditioning class that uses nothing but your bodyweight for an incredible cardiovascular challenge. By alternating intervals of intense cardio work with intervals of active recovery incorporating resistance training, you’ll maximise your fat-burning potential and increase your aerobic capacity. Challenge your participants and keep them coming back for more!

To book onto Aimee’s sessions, visit the FitPro LIVE site here:

 About the author

Aimee Nicotera holds a BS degree in nutrition and a master’s in health education, in addition to many industry certifications, including those through ACSM, ACE and AFAA. Aimee has been training, educating and teaching for 20 years.


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