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The FitPro team always love the opportunity to do a taste test and review (who wouldn’t?). This time we had the pleasure of trying out some delicious plant-based protein shakes. You can get your hands on them too with 35% off until 22 November 2022.


Bliev is a new plant-based, protein shake available in three unusual, but utterly delicious flavours: Blueberry Muffin, Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Brownie. Packed with protein and fibre, and fortified with vitamins and minerals, Bliev delivers much more than hydration and great taste, and encourages us all to believe that anything is possible, we just have to believe in ourselves.

Todays active and health-conscious consumers are looking for drinks that deliver the nutrients they need without the nasties. Bliev delivers great taste, 20g protein and is fortified with additional vitamins and minerals, without any added sugar. It is 100% natural with no nasties and nothing artificial

FitPro’s Darren said about B’liev plant-based protein shake:

“Well, there’s certainly a shortage of 100% plant based vegan protein shakes– but B’liev fills the hole… Each bottle contains super healthy ingredients to include 20 grams of 100% plant-based protein which is high in fibre, low in sugar and low in calories. Not only that it contains the recommended daily intake of calcium and vitamins D3, B5, B6 and B12. It’s great for a vegan lifestyle and will keep you refreshed, hydrated and replenish energy plus help reduce tiredness. My personal favourite is the Chocolate Brownie flavour but Blueberry Muffin and, Cookies & Cream are totally unique and worth a try…”

Fancy 35 % off B’liev plant-based protein shake?

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