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Fitness Professionals Ltd (FitPro) was established in 1990 and is the largest fitness development company in the world. It provides personal trainers and fitness instructors with insurance, the quarterly Fitpro magazine, exclusive offers and access to education.


The FitPro blog began in the autumn of 2014 and is a platform, not just for personal trainers, but also for fitness enthusiasts to read athlete interviews, discover useful programming, and gain insight into the latest fitness classes on the market. A number of the articles do have personal trainers in mind and the FitPro trainer team are regular contributors to the website, sharing their own sessions, opinions and years of expertise.


If you want to write for the blog, or if you have an idea, FitPro would love to hear from you: publish@fitpro.com

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For more information about FitPro’s services,  visit: fitpro.com


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From the FitPro content team.

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