FP Music is now!

With the landscape of music consumption moving away from physical CDs to digital downloads, we are now retiring FP Music and moving to our new platform, Here users have the option to purchase either physical or digital copies of our music.

Below are some instructions on how to use to download music, purchase your PPL licence and use your membership allowances (if applicable) to purchase music.

Download music Purchase PPL licence Use your allowance
  1. On, use the ‘Shop Music’ tab in the top navigation to search for either PPL (original artist) music or non-original artist music. View of MyGroupFit homepage with the Shop Music tab selected
  2. Once you have found the music album you want to download, simply select the ‘Download’ option and click ‘Buy’. The download will now be added to your shopping cart. View of music album where user can add download to basket
  3. Proceed through the shopping cart and checkout process. You will be asked to either log in (using your FP membership credentials) or join as a new member if required. View of shopping cart with music download added
  4. Once the download has been purchased, please go to your ‘My Account’ page (link located in the top right-hand corner of the website) and choose ‘My Downloads’ to view your available downloads. View of My Account homepage where user can choose My Downloads to view purchased music
  5. You will then be able to see a list of all your available downloads. Each new purchase will appear at the top of the list and will be available to be downloaded up to three times for 12 months from the purchase date. Downloads can only be completed when using a PC or Mac desktop/laptop. View of My Downloads page where user can download music to their computer
  1. Purchasing your PPL licence is simple on Visit our membership options page (found in the top right-hand corner). View of home page with membership options ringed
  2. Select the number of group exercise classes you will teach over 12 months from the drop-down menu and add to your basket. View of membership options page
  3. Proceed through the checkout process, either entering your details if you are a new user or logging into the site with your FP membership credentials.
  1. To purchase music through using an existing music allowance (based on your FP Music membership), simply select an album to purchase, as per the ‘Download’ instructions. View of music album where user can add download to basket
  2. Now proceed through the standard checkout process. If you have an available allowance, the site will automatically calculate this and display a message on the shopping basket, alerting you that an allowance will be used for the purchase. You will then be able to complete the purchase without entering any payment information (as long as you have available allowances to cover your order total). View of shopping basket with a message confirming allowance usage