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Category: ViPR


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FitPro trainer, Holly Lynch demonstrates how you can shake up your normal workout routine by incorporating the ViPR across a range of dynamic movements. So don’t just pick up the dumbbells, explore your 3D movement with the ViPR, too. We’ve outlined the full list of movements below, so, once you’ve given the video a watch [...]

Is HIIT for everyone?

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HIIT is everywhere, or so it seems. But, is this trendy training method suitable for all of your clients? As fitness professionals, it’s up to us to create a programme or class that is engaging and suitable for our clients. In this week’s blog, Simone Hodgkinson looks at HIIT in a bit more detail, including how you [...]

Age is just a number

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The Fit Four with Mr Fred   Age is just a number for this group of dedicated gym bunnies, says Joanne Blackerby. It’s 9:30am. Another weekday morning at Spirit Fitness Training in North Austin as a close-knit group of four gathers to work out together on the studio floor. They start their warm-up routine, manipulating [...]

ViPR buns of steel workout

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Stephen Tongue provides some methodology for targeting your bottom, presents some example exercises and hopefully inspires you to innovate some bum-busting ViPR moves of your own. Read on. Let’s face it: the derrière is an area of focus for many trainers and gym goers. It is perhaps targeted for postural issues, pure aesthetics or sports [...]

ViPR and performance-based training

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Trainer Steve Rast explains that, if we perform more compound and complex movements, our bodies will become more efficient with a greater work capacity. Rast revisits the origins of the Loaded Movement Training philosophy, with reference to being ‘farm strong’ and whole-body integration’s historic beliefs. I remember sitting in the stands at the 2010 CrossFit [...]

MOSSA ViPR Workout

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The MOSSA ViPR Workout is a 30-minute strength and cardio programme utilising Loaded Movement Training. It will enable you to offer a unique athletic-based programme for small group training and is perfect for new exercisers wanting to build a foundation for healthy movement or athletes needing a competitive edge. The dynamic music creates a motivating and [...]

ViPR sessions at FitPro LIVE

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With Europe’s leading fitness industry event just around the corner at ExCeL London on 9-10 July, we’ve highlighted the key ViPR sessions you should get yourself booked onto for FitPro LIVE. Truscott teaches military   Commencing the ViPR action at FitPro LIVE is global master trainer Matt Truscott, who will deliver the ViPR Military session. [...]

How yoga and ViPR can keep you out of trouble

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Pontus Wärnestål explores how you can incorporate ViPR into your regular yoga sessions and explains why ViPR is such an asset to your mind and body workout. Let’s say you have an eight-hour desk job and a 30min commute by car (one way) to your workplace. You (should) sleep seven to eight hours every night. [...]

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