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FitPro trainer, Holly Lynch demonstrates how you can shake up your normal workout routine by incorporating the ViPR across a range of dynamic movements. So don’t just pick up the dumbbells, explore your 3D movement with the ViPR, too. We’ve outlined the full list of movements below, so, once you’ve given the video a watch [...]

Video of the month: Stephen Hughes Landers

We can’t wait for the Calisthenics UK fitness workshops, which are taking place this autumn and sure to bring some variety to your workouts. Stephen Hughes Landers shares his innovative bodyweight training moves outdoors in the sunshine! We would love to see your bodyweight movements! Email us at: ! For more information on all [...]

FitPro trainer team plays outside

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With the summer weather finally here, we catch up with three of our FitPro trainer team to find out which movements get them excited to go and train outdoors. Whatever your discipline, get to know these fun movements and challenge your fitness. Lee Valentine does HIIT On some occasions, trainer Lee Valentine finds himself unable [...]

FitPro LIVE 2016 Highlights!

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FitPro LIVE 2016 educated, inspired and united the fitness industry. Continue your fitness education with FitPro: be part of next year’s event.  Share your experiences below! Can you spot yourself in the video? What has changed for you since attending FitPro LIVE 2016? How has the education at FitPro LIVE helped your sessions with clients? [...]

Workout Insight: MMA Circuit

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Full-time personal trainer and FitPro trainer Holly Lynch has devised a fresh and innovative circuit, which incorporates sprawls into lateral shuffles, speed jabs and box jump squats.   Watch her dynamic circuit here:   What do you like about the MyGroupFit music track to which your circuit is performed? I love using electro-influenced music during my [...]

Train like an athlete with MOSSA Group CORE

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Train like an athlete in 30 action-packed minutes. Expert coaching and motivating music guide you through functional and integrated exercises using bodyweight, weight plates, a towel and a platform – improving your core and athletic performance, and challenging you like never before. Strengthen everything, from your shoulders to your hips, making you stronger, quicker and [...]

Workout insight: Pilates Bootcamp

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Leading fitness trainer and life coach Karen Porter has been living in the Middle East for 10 years. Since living in Qatar, much of her training and the classes she leads have been taken outside. Porter shares with FitPro a session snippet from her Pilates Bootcamp class. “Pilates Bootcamp … two words that may not always go [...]

ViPR buns of steel workout

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Stephen Tongue provides some methodology for targeting your bottom, presents some example exercises and hopefully inspires you to innovate some bum-busting ViPR moves of your own. Read on. Let’s face it: the derrière is an area of focus for many trainers and gym goers. It is perhaps targeted for postural issues, pure aesthetics or sports [...]

Workout Insight: Cable Training

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“Joining the army at 16 effectively forced me into exercise,” begins Phil Snowden. “Having completed three tours in Iraq, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan, I left after six years to work in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. The most important things I learned from the army were discipline, time management and respect for others.” [...]

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