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Swimming the Dart 10K

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FitPro member, Steve Barrett, has been working in the fitness industry long enough to remember when Jane Fonda’s leggings were a staple gym bag garment. He’s also clocked up a fair few races in his time, but has never done an open water swim – until now. Steve tells us that he had reached a time [...]

Is there more to aqua fitness than meets the eye?

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Aqua fitness is often thought of as a class reserved for older populations and those recovering from injury; however, this is not the case at all. Steph Toogood joins Fitpro to explain why, in her opinion, all fitness professionals could be using aspects of aqua fitness. In my experience, water exercise classes are regularly the [...]

FitPro challenge: London triathlon

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Triathlon training is no easy thing, especially when it’s your first attempt at one. FitPro’s commercial development executive Michael Hippolyte tells Olivia Hubbard what it takes to prepare for the highly regarded London race. Pre-race interview   Olivia Hubbard: You signed up to the triathlon and most people will be thinking how brave you are – [...]