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Mastering the calisthenics human flag with Stephen Hughes Landers

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Ahead of the widely anticipated FitPro LIVE Workshop Series tour this October and November, calisthenics athlete Stephen Hughes Landers outlines a programme he has devised to help you master the classic calisthenics move, the human flag. Progressive eight-week programme Try the following series of exercises to develop the strength and technique for the flag. These exercises work well when [...]

Calisthenics: “Practice doesn’t make perfect”

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Calisthenics coach Stephen Hughes Landers tells FitPro why he thinks bodyweight training has become a top trend and why the idiom ‘practice makes perfect’ is rubbish. Olivia Hubbard: What seems to surprise clients most of all? Stephen Hughes Landers: There are two things that really surprise clients. One is just how difficult it is to [...]

Video of the month: Stephen Hughes Landers

We can’t wait for the Calisthenics UK fitness workshops, which are taking place this autumn and sure to bring some variety to your workouts. Stephen Hughes Landers shares his innovative bodyweight training moves outdoors in the sunshine! We would love to see your bodyweight movements! Email us at: social@fitpro.com ! For more information on all [...]

Making calisthenics work in a group

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Top image credit: Neil Gavin  Following on from the popularity of Dan Edwardes’ wise words in ‘Parkour: Primitive Sophistication’ last week, the UK’s number-one ranked calisthenics athlete Stephen Hughes Landers shares his session overview for FitPro LIVE 2015 and explains why bodyweight training is less intimidating than gym equipment. It’s important to make the distinction [...]