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Is nutrient timing dead?

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With FitPro LIVE fast approaching, we’re making sure you’re up to speed on all the innovative sessions taking place at LIVE in July and, most importantly, what you will gain from attending. FitPro presenters Sam Feltham and Brian St. Pierre discuss ‘Is nutrient timing dead?’ and share their excitement about our forthcoming event. Brian St. Pierre Brian [...]

The relatively simple science of slimming

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Personal trainer, health activist and regular FitPro LIVE speaker Sam Feltham offers FitPro his take on why the word ‘consume’ still holds some ambiguity and shares his radical views on fat storage. In November 2013 the Institute of Fiscal Studies published a report called Gluttony in England? Long-term change in diet. In that report, it noted that [...]

Shedding the fat myth

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FitPro reporter Olivia Hubbard gains comprehension on the ‘fat myth’ from FitPro Live presenter Sam Feltham after the Smash the Fat founder spoke to Australian cricket team captain Shane Watson live from India about his dietary experiences. Watson followed the controversial high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet after watching the film Cereal Killers, which FitPro reviewed back in [...]