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Meatless meatballs

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There’s nothing quite like a meatball and these veggie versions have just the same lovely comforting feel as the meaty kind. This makes a fab supper dish that all the family will love. The Hairy Biker’s share their recipe and Linia Patel offers her nutritional analysis.   Serves 4 | 249 calories per serving; 337 [...]

Recipes for Summer

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Simple, tasty, vegan and bursting with goodness. Recipes by Day Radley  Nutritional analysis by Linia Patel   About the chef Day Radley is a vegan personal chef and healthy cooking teacher. Every Sunday she teaches a recipe on The Vegan Sunday Cookalong at facebook.com/vcdtv You can find more recipes and information on cooking classes with [...]

Autumn recipes to promote gut health

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Bloating, nausea, cramping and intestinal discomfort are all too common complaints. Here, Teresa Cutter, aka The Healthy Chef, presents two delicious stepping stones on the pathway to a happy gut. Green Goddess Smoothie This delicious smoothie is a prebiotic powerhouse that will keep your good gut bacteria smiling. I make this nourishing low FODMAP (i.e., [...]