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FitPro trainer, Holly Lynch demonstrates how you can shake up your normal workout routine by incorporating the ViPR across a range of dynamic movements. So don’t just pick up the dumbbells, explore your 3D movement with the ViPR, too. We’ve outlined the full list of movements below, so, once you’ve given the video a watch [...]

Workout Insight: MMA Circuit

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Full-time personal trainer and FitPro trainer Holly Lynch has devised a fresh and innovative circuit, which incorporates sprawls into lateral shuffles, speed jabs and box jump squats.   Watch her dynamic circuit here:   What do you like about the MyGroupFit music track to which your circuit is performed? I love using electro-influenced music during my [...]

Move on up – MOSSA

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How MOSSA is redefining pre-choreo programmes It won’t have escaped your notice that at FitPro HQ we’re increasingly excited about our involvement with MOSSA. Fiona McAuslan gives the lowdown on the programmes shaking up the world of group X. When MOSSA started in the UK in 2012 it did so with an entirely new approach [...]