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Nutrition for injury recovery

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The right food and supplements can speed injury recovery. This is important — but often ignored according to Dr John Berardi of Precision Nutrition. Berardi says that most trainers, coaches, nutritionists and therapists understand that nutrition can play a role in injury recovery. However, he believes that very few people know how to use food [...]

What do women want?

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With an ever rising tide of airbrushed and unrealistic images appearing in the fitness press and on social media, the real women working in fitness need to come together to make their voices heard, says Fitpro magazine’s managing editor Fiona McAuslan. On 11 March, I completed my first public speaking engagement at the Women in [...]

FitPro reveals new format for FitPro LIVE 2016

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FitPro responds to the direct needs of fitness professionals with an all-new venue and format for FitPro LIVE 2016 FitPro LIVE will adopt a revised format in 2016 following a comprehensive educational survey in which thousands of fitness professionals took part. FitPro has responded to the most important point raised by fitness professionals, which is [...]