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The group X factor

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Is it better to try new programmes or stick to tried-and-tested techniques? Two instructors go head to head with their views. Jayne says: If people demand you teach the ‘next new thing’, they’re not buying into you or your skill. Since the launch of Les Mills (LM), I have heard this phrase so many times: [...]

ViPR and performance-based training

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Trainer Steve Rast explains that, if we perform more compound and complex movements, our bodies will become more efficient with a greater work capacity. Rast revisits the origins of the Loaded Movement Training philosophy, with reference to being ‘farm strong’ and whole-body integration’s historic beliefs. I remember sitting in the stands at the 2010 CrossFit [...]

Food diary under the microscope

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Georgina Spenceley is a full-time business analyst, part-time sports therapist and fitness writer who enjoys CrossFit and triathlon training. She’s had concerns about potential gluten intolerance, so she’s currently cutting down on gluten to see if it makes a difference. Food diary 06:00 I don’t usually eat before a morning workout but swimming always makes [...]