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Category: Personal training

Workout Insight: MMA Circuit

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Full-time personal trainer and FitPro trainer Holly Lynch has devised a fresh and innovative circuit, which incorporates sprawls into lateral shuffles, speed jabs and box jump squats.   Watch her dynamic circuit here:   What do you like about the MyGroupFit music track to which your circuit is performed? I love using electro-influenced music during my [...]

Coaching, not cheerleading

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Helping guys aged 30+ to get fit, lean and healthy through his award-winning ManAlive programme, Craig O’ Toole shares with FitPro how to ensure you have regular contact with your clients via digital platforms. Communicating effectively with your clients or members is vital to both the success of their results and your business. Even if [...]

Fast track to success

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Heart rate monitors and fitness trackers are a great way to measure your clients’ fitness and track their improvement – and help them hit their targets. The Fitpro magazine team has rounded up the best of the current offerings for the Winter edition and we’re sharing our findings with you here on the FitPro blog too. Which one will [...]

Workout Insight: Cable Training

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“Joining the army at 16 effectively forced me into exercise,” begins Phil Snowden. “Having completed three tours in Iraq, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan, I left after six years to work in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. The most important things I learned from the army were discipline, time management and respect for others.” [...]

Clients want more from their trainers

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According to a survey conducted by GetPTfit, almost 50% of clients would like to have greater contact between sessions with their personal trainer. GetPTfit is the new online communications toolkit to help personal trainers promote their business, increase income and motivate clients. The survey offered interesting results across a range of areas where clients felt [...]

Run for 60

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Olivia Hubbard from Team FitPro shares her training snippet in preparation for the 60 Minute Challenge in support of the NSPCC. How far can she run in 60 minutes? “Make it your best hour,” is what the NSPCC is saying in accordance with its 60 Minute Challenge, which seeks to raise pivotal funds for the [...]

How to market your PT business

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Personal trainer and LiveFit founder James Hardy offers his advice on how to begin marketing a successful personal training business. 1. Know your customers, know yourself Remember, your clients are investing in you – you’re the product. A personal branding exercise is a useful way to define why you do what you do, help focus [...]

Managing the unimaginable

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Having the ability to keep going when confronted with the unimaginable is far from easy. Olivia Hubbard talks to personal trainer Mary Huckle and discovers how fitness empowered her to fight back against breast cancer. “She’s doing really well,” says Mary Huckle over the phone. “We’re doing quite short sessions.” Mary tells me her client has [...]

Beat the heat

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Working out with your clients in the great outdoors is fun and healthy but, as summer temperatures rise, do we really want to transform our group training sessions into a ‘Bikram boot camp’? Fitness professional Ali Longmate explains how to train your clients safely outside this summer. As a group X trainer and PT living in [...]

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