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Category: Personal training

Breakfast of (Young) Champions

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Do you skip breakfast?  I confess that when I’m under pressure and in a rush, I do.  But hey; I’m an adult and can make my own decisions. However, what I hadn’t realised until I read a recent report (1) was that missing breakfast – along with irregular sleep patterns – appears to be one of the [...]

Mastering the calisthenics human flag with Stephen Hughes Landers

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Ahead of the widely anticipated FitPro LIVE Workshop Series tour this October and November, calisthenics athlete Stephen Hughes Landers outlines a programme he has devised to help you master the classic calisthenics move, the human flag. Progressive eight-week programme Try the following series of exercises to develop the strength and technique for the flag. These exercises work well when [...]

My Session: Preparing a client for a charity boxing match

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Top Image:   Every session with a client needs to be structured to their individual needs and goals. However, there may be elements of this sample training session by Charlie Quinn that can be incorporated into your session preparations. Client goals Kyle’s main goal was to get his body ready to compete in a charity boxing event. Having never taken [...]

Video of the month: Stephen Hughes Landers

We can’t wait for the Calisthenics UK fitness workshops, which are taking place this autumn and sure to bring some variety to your workouts. Stephen Hughes Landers shares his innovative bodyweight training moves outdoors in the sunshine! We would love to see your bodyweight movements! Email us at: ! For more information on all [...]

FitPro trainer team plays outside

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With the summer weather finally here, we catch up with three of our FitPro trainer team to find out which movements get them excited to go and train outdoors. Whatever your discipline, get to know these fun movements and challenge your fitness. Lee Valentine does HIIT On some occasions, trainer Lee Valentine finds himself unable [...]

The weighting game: Olympic lifting for children

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David Parker explains why Olympic weightlifting is a beneficial and suitable activity for children and adolescents. This summer, the world’s best Olympic weightlifters will compete for gold in the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. Non-competitive Olympic weightlifting has increased in participation1 and many younger people are taking up the activity. However, should children and adolescents [...]

More fit pros turn to NLP for weight-loss clients

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Could NLP help fit pros assist their weight-loss clients? One of the big success stories of FitPro LIVE 2016 was Andrea Bremner, who presented on NLP and the psychology of weight loss. It was so well received that a number of participants requested further training in the tools of NLP and how fitness professionals can [...]

Intelligent Genetic Performance

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Personalising with gene profiling Gene technology can help fit pros deliver personalised training plans to their clients, says Robert Smith, founder of Agenica, a genetic analysis company for health, wellness and fitness, and presenter of FitPro LIVE workshop Intelligent Genetic Performance. With over 200 genes identified as playing significant roles within our health and fitness, [...]

My session: Postpartum fitness

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Every session with a client needs to be structured to their individual needs and goals. However, there may be elements of this sample training session by Shakira Akabusi on postpartum fitness that can be incorporated into your session preparations. Client goals Sharon’s goals are to lose a further 1.5 stones of body fat, build strength [...]

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