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Global initiative launches for children’s rights

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French start-up Sport Heroes Group (formerly Running Heroes) has joined UNICEF in the launch of a global sports initiative to engage people in the organisation’s work for children’s rights. Sport Heroes Group uses the data generated by running apps and online technology to build sports communities, encouraging mass and bespoke participation. Sports enthusiasts worldwide can [...]

Did you know these Olympians do yoga?

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Yoga may not be an Olympic sport but it’s reportedly a part of the Olympics, as yoga is a component of the workout routine of many athletes who strived for medals during the Rio Games.  It’s no secret that yoga is a complement to other physical activities to increase strength, balance, flexibility and mental control. That’s why it [...]

Calisthenics: “Practice doesn’t make perfect”

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Calisthenics coach Stephen Hughes Landers tells FitPro why he thinks bodyweight training has become a top trend and why the idiom ‘practice makes perfect’ is rubbish. Olivia Hubbard: What seems to surprise clients most of all? Stephen Hughes Landers: There are two things that really surprise clients. One is just how difficult it is to [...]

National Fitness Day – are you getting involved?

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For the past two years, ukactive has worn the National Fitness Day badge with the utmost pride and is eager to state that it hosts the most visible annual celebration of physical activity of the year. The non-profit organisation has a sole purpose on this national day – to celebrate the role that physical activity [...]

Everyone Active’s Sporting Champions

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Everyone Active’s Sporting Champions, a new scheme which has been launched to support talented athletes from across the UK, has announced medal winning Olympic athlete Colin Jackson CBE as an ambassador for the sports development programme. A strong line-up of Olympic and Paralympic athletes is also currently supported by the scheme as ‘Gold sponsored athletes’, including [...]

My Session: Preparing a client for a charity boxing match

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Top Image:   Every session with a client needs to be structured to their individual needs and goals. However, there may be elements of this sample training session by Charlie Quinn that can be incorporated into your session preparations. Client goals Kyle’s main goal was to get his body ready to compete in a charity boxing event. Having never taken [...]

Video of the month: Stephen Hughes Landers

We can’t wait for the Calisthenics UK fitness workshops, which are taking place this autumn and sure to bring some variety to your workouts. Stephen Hughes Landers shares his innovative bodyweight training moves outdoors in the sunshine! We would love to see your bodyweight movements! Email us at: ! For more information on all [...]

Learn from Pokémon to help your fitness business

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It would be fair to say that Pokémon has aided motivation. In Pokémon GO, participants gain levels as a trainer and, at higher levels, you will be able to catch more powerful Pokémon to complete your Pokedex. In the fitness industry, active reward initiatives have started to encourage members to not only get active but [...]

Outdoor training options to try out

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Mountain Athletics training sessions, The North Face, NeverStopLondon Sessions are for all abilities, whatever your goal, and are free to join. The group meets in-store at 18:15 to store bags in the community lockers and then gather for a pre-workout pep talk.   Outdoor Training What’s involved? Individuals run in groups from the store in Regent Street [...]

Recognising eating disorders in clients

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  …..and how you can help The prospect of talking to clients about eating disorders may be daunting but recognising the signs and knowing how to broach the subject could be life changing, says Loren Byford. Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses that occur when eating, exercise and bodyweight or shape become an unhealthy preoccupation [...]

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