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Category: Nutrition

Meatless meatballs

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There’s nothing quite like a meatball and these veggie versions have just the same lovely comforting feel as the meaty kind. This makes a fab supper dish that all the family will love. The Hairy Biker’s share their recipe and Linia Patel offers her nutritional analysis.   Serves 4 | 249 calories per serving; 337 [...]

Recipes for Summer

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Simple, tasty, vegan and bursting with goodness. Recipes by Day Radley  Nutritional analysis by Linia Patel   About the chef Day Radley is a vegan personal chef and healthy cooking teacher. Every Sunday she teaches a recipe on The Vegan Sunday Cookalong at You can find more recipes and information on cooking classes with [...]

Get discount to Precision Nutrition’s only UK event of 2017!

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Take your career to the next level and save 50% on this unique weekend workshop By Joe Warner Promotional content Are you an ambitious PT or fitness industry professional who wants to stand out from the competitive crowd? Are you someone who wants to help your clients live fitter, healthier and happier lives by teaching [...]

Nutrition for injury recovery

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The right food and supplements can speed injury recovery. This is important — but often ignored according to Dr John Berardi of Precision Nutrition. Berardi says that most trainers, coaches, nutritionists and therapists understand that nutrition can play a role in injury recovery. However, he believes that very few people know how to use food [...]

BMI: is lifestyle far more important?

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With the printer’s ink just about dry on the latest issue of FitPro, I’m flicking through the pages trying to decide which features to read first. I read them all, of course, but like to start with something that might cause me to think differently about something that’s currently on my mind. Having written about [...]

Breakfast of (Young) Champions

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Do you skip breakfast?  I confess that when I’m under pressure and in a rush, I do.  But hey; I’m an adult and can make my own decisions. However, what I hadn’t realised until I read a recent report (1) was that missing breakfast – along with irregular sleep patterns – appears to be one of the [...]

Recognising eating disorders in clients

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  …..and how you can help The prospect of talking to clients about eating disorders may be daunting but recognising the signs and knowing how to broach the subject could be life changing, says Loren Byford. Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses that occur when eating, exercise and bodyweight or shape become an unhealthy preoccupation [...]

Understanding Insulin

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Insulin is one of the most important hormones in the human body, yet it’s a hormone most people don’t really understand. Registered dietitian Linia Patel gives her perspective and advice. Insulin is produced in the pancreas by the islets of Langerhans and it regulates the amount of glucose in the blood by allowing your body to [...]

Should we trust millennial chefs?

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The fashionable foodies are here to stay, so it would seem. Olivia Hubbard shares her opinion on the clean-eating addiction that has swept the nation. I read that the UK has seen its first ‘pop-up’ avocado restaurant grace our already swamped food scene – get in quick for your five courses before 12 June. What’s [...]

Choosing the right diet for your client

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If you are wondering if a diet is right for you or a client, consider these factors provided by Ben Coomber. Is your diet making you feel good? If not, make some changes: it could be too low carb, or too low fat, or not enough protein, or not enough total calories. Play about with [...]

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