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Category: Mossa UK

Why you should attend the MOSSA UK TOUR

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As a society, we seem to enjoy working out alongside others; we ‘high-five’ each other at the end of a session to acknowledge our commitment as a team, and hugging other class participants has now become quite a thing. There’s the inclusivity factor, too. We ‘like’ posts, tweet familiar faces, and make an online commitment [...]

MOSSA UK at IFS 2017

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MOSSA UK upholds its professional reputation at IFS 2017 Fitness enthusiasts descended on the coastal town of Blackpool last weekend for the much-loved International Fitness Showcase (IFS) event. Chrysalis Promotions hosted the event for another year and, among the Clubbercise glow sticks, Insanity jumps, aerial fitness demonstrations and group cycle sessions, MOSSA UK delivered eight [...]

Fitness in 2016 never looked so good

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As part of the FitPro LIVE 2016 Workshop Series, there will be jam-packed days allowing instructors and their class participants to experience MOSSA’s exciting and inclusive new programmes throughout the UK. MOSSA’s goal is to get 50% of every club’s members involved in group exercise and so it offers a wide variety of programmes to [...]

Train like an athlete with MOSSA Group CORE

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Train like an athlete in 30 action-packed minutes. Expert coaching and motivating music guide you through functional and integrated exercises using bodyweight, weight plates, a towel and a platform – improving your core and athletic performance, and challenging you like never before. Strengthen everything, from your shoulders to your hips, making you stronger, quicker and [...]

MOSSA takes clubs in new direction

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St Peter’s Leisure Centre, part of Burnley Leisure, was the UK’s first MOSSA-licensed client and launched Group Power, Group Kick (now known as Fight) and Group Centergy back in February 2013, with over 330 members in attendance across the three sessions. The trainer team at Burnley has demonstrated commitment, striving to deliver to members a [...]

MOSSA distributes in Middle East

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FitPro has announced that Middle East Exercise Sports Academy (MEESA) is to become the new distributor for MOSSA in the Middle East. MOSSA produces in-club group exercise programmes with regular quarterly releases that maintain motivation for instructors and participants. The programmes can be branded by the club for differentiation, feature PPL licence-free music and boast [...]

Move on up – MOSSA

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How MOSSA is redefining pre-choreo programmes It won’t have escaped your notice that at FitPro HQ we’re increasingly excited about our involvement with MOSSA. Fiona McAuslan gives the lowdown on the programmes shaking up the world of group X. When MOSSA started in the UK in 2012 it did so with an entirely new approach [...]

Why DS Fitness shares high praise for MOSSA

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Striving to differentiate itself from the club chain operators in the area, DS Fitness in Barrow-in-Furness made the decision under founder Diane Singleton to change its group X programmes to MOSSA’s. Singleton commented, “I realised we needed something fresh and of a higher quality. I trialled MOSSA’s programmes because of this desire to differentiate our [...]

Burnley Leisure benefits from UK MOSSA programming

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In 2013, Burnley Leisure, which serves over 2,700 members, reviewed its current group exercise programme provider, seeking to source a brand which could increase availability and accessibility for instructors. Health and fitness manager Elaine Adams-Gilligan explained: “We have an excellent team of 15 instructors teaching these classes, so it was crucial to find programmes that [...]