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Category: Features

SEO do’s and don’ts for 2017

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Over the years, search engine optimisation (SEO) has changed with the times, especially with algorithms becoming more sophisticated. For website owners, this is a plus. Not only has it banished spammy websites that hold weak content, but it has improved the user’s experience, too. Omar Thompson from StartUp Active shares the SEO do’s and don’ts for [...]

Free fitness with a difference

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Image credit: Richard Murgatroyd Photography We couldn’t ignore the flurry of free fitness initiatives that are helping to get more people active across the country. Olivia Hubbard experienced two London offerings that each place community spirit at the heart of what they do. It’s common knowledge that Londoners are a unique species. We mooch about with [...]

7 ways to support clients without body shaming

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PTs are proudly showcasing their clients’ body transformations across social media – hence the flurry of inclusive hashtags and smiling faces of recognised progress. Yet, not all are smiling – as behind the scenes, onlookers share their negative body shaming catchphrases instead of warm encouragement. Kylie Ryan, who teaches health and fitness professionals how to [...]

Pelvic floor or flaw?

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Could the pelvic floor really be the pelvic flaw? Not all pelvic floor issues are the same – do you understand the differences? And which clients you can help? With one in three women (and a fair portion of men) reported to have pelvic floor issues this is an area that, as a fitness professional, you [...]

BMI: is lifestyle far more important?

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With the printer’s ink just about dry on the latest issue of FitPro, I’m flicking through the pages trying to decide which features to read first. I read them all, of course, but like to start with something that might cause me to think differently about something that’s currently on my mind. Having written about [...]

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