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Category: Features

The Fitness Word with Tony Lycholat: Paleo-land

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Dietary myth and fantasy in modern Paleo-land I empathise with Socrates. The old philosopher used to regularly land himself in hot ouzo in ancient Greece with his tendency to ask people he came across in the street questions about their beliefs in an attempt to make sense of the world. In my own rather insignificant approach [...]

The fitness word with Tony Lycholat

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Part 1: The fitness word: Dietary myth and fantasy in modern Paleo-land Click here to read the full feature Sport and exercise science: Just opinion after all? Two rather big questions were asked recently by the House of Lords’ Select Committee on Science and Technology: 1. How robust is the research and evidence base for improving [...]

Van Gogh makes tracks

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Totally unique and sparking design originality, the Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path welcomed visitors in Eindhoven in the Netherlands for the first time on 12 November. Inspired by the world-famous painting ‘Starry Night’, after dark visitors fully experience the amazing design and colour of the glowing stones. Alongside the artist Daan Roosegaarde, Heikmans developed the technology [...]

That Sugar Film Trailer

One man’s journey to discover the bitter truth about sugar, Damon Gameau embarks on a unique experiment to document the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body, consuming only foods that are commonly perceived as ‘healthy’. [...]

Rodney Corn: In the driving seat

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Blaming your clients for their lack of drive might mean you’re ignoring your own role in their downfall, says PTA Global co-founder Rodney Corn. A complaint that is heard quite frequently in our industry sounds something like this: “My clients can’t seem to stay (self)-motivated.” Almost anyone can do something for a few weeks, especially [...]

Animal magic

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Aping the primal movement patterns of the animal kingdom to build strength and flexibility is a new trend that is winning fans across the fitness spectrum, says Cheryl Hersey. In an era where development in sports science and engineering creates more advanced training systems and equipment, conversely there is a growing trend for classes designed [...]

The road to Vegas – Part 2

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Phil Snowden made the bold decision to leave the army and fulfil his personal ambition of setting up his own fitness business, the M.E.T.A Personal Training Studio in Kent. Inspired by Snowden’s training preparation in his first FitPro blog entry, The Road to Vegas – Part 1,  Olivia Hubbard asked him what happened in Vegas. Forget [...]

Cycle magic

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Despite group cycling plummeting out of the top 20 in the Fitness Trends Survey of 2015, it hasn’t prevented the opening of boutique cycle studios across the capital. Wishing to find out if the group cycling hype still exists, Olivia Hubbard and Dawn Tuckwell hopped onto their studio saddles in search of that show-stopping instructor [...]

Part 2 – The climb, told by Karen Porter

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Air of success It was emotional saying goodbye to Reem as she left for her trip. Three weeks. We had spent five or six sessions together a week – every single week – for months. I felt nervous, a sense of responsibility towards her success and, of course, immense pride. She left at the end [...]

The Royal from Qatar

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Part 1 – Inspirational client from Qatar  For many fit pros, their most memorable moments are derived from witnessing their clients conquer the near-impossible, exceed expectations and continue to learn and develop their fitness ability. Meet Doha resident Karen Porter, who shares with Olivia Hubbard her account of training one royal Qatari woman to climb Everest [...]

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