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Category: Cardio & Strength

FitPro challenge: London triathlon

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Triathlon training is no easy thing, especially when it’s your first attempt at one. FitPro’s commercial development executive Michael Hippolyte tells Olivia Hubbard what it takes to prepare for the highly regarded London race. Pre-race interview   Olivia Hubbard: You signed up to the triathlon and most people will be thinking how brave you are – [...]

Part 2 – The climb, told by Karen Porter

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Air of success It was emotional saying goodbye to Reem as she left for her trip. Three weeks. We had spent five or six sessions together a week – every single week – for months. I felt nervous, a sense of responsibility towards her success and, of course, immense pride. She left at the end [...]

Getting high for fitness

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No longer just for elite athletes, altitude training has gone mainstream – so how effective is it? Associate professor Mike Climstein and Joe Walsh explain. Every endurance fitness enthusiast is interested in the next ‘new’ supplement or training technique that will further increase their maximal aerobic power, aka VO2max (maximal oxygen consumption). Altitude training, although [...]

1,000 calories to burn: Energy expenditure during class by Tony Lycholat, part 2

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If haven’t read part 1, you can find it here What about HIIT? Clearly, with all-out efforts (as with high-intensity interval training [HIIT]) you could conceivably exercise at higher intensities yet for a reduced total time, since you will often be working anaerobically and your blood lactate levels will rise steadily if there are limited recovery periods. Remarkably, given the recent promotion and marketing [...]

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