BEE The People Programme
Are you happy with the customer service provided by all your staff?
Can you name a member of staff who communicates brilliantly with your customers, making them feel welcome, at ease and wanting to keep coming back?
Wouldn’t it be great if more of your staff were like that?
Do you provide any customer service training? And, if so, do you feel that its impact lasts and it really makes a difference?

Research shows that it's the people skills of staff that really make the difference in making customers satisfied, loyal and committed.

BEE – the People Programme from FitPro is a new approach to customer service training that really works. It coaches your staff using simple tools to

  • communicate more personally and effectively
  • engage with customers on a one-to-one basis
  • create rapport and relationships

The results:
  • More satisfied and loyal customers
  • Happier and more committed staff
  • Reduced staff turnover and improved customer retention
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